LeGo CertHub
LeGo CertHub
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Centralized Certificate Management

Conveniently Leverage Let's Encrypt to Secure Your Infrastructure

LeGo CertHub Dashboard

LeGo CertHub's Dashboard


  • ACME v2 (RFC 8555) Compliant
  • Create, Import, and Manage Private Keys (RSA and ECDSA)
  • Create, Import, Manage, and Retire ACME Accounts
  • Create, Manage, Automatically Renew, and Revoke Certificates
  • Serve Private Keys and Certificates to Clients via Secure API Calls
  • Support for HTTP-01 and DNS-01 Challenges
  • Built-in HTTP-01 Server
  • Built-in DNS Support for Cloudflare and acme-dns
  • Built-in DNS Support for (Dozens of DNS Providers Without Writing Any Code)
  • Robust Logging for Troubleshooting

LeGo CertHub (Let's Encrypt Go Certificate Hub) acts as a central management platform for Let's Encrypt keys, accounts, and certificates.

This project came out of my desire to resolve certificate errors within web services in my home lab without having to set up a Let's Encrypt client on every endpoint. After fighting with other solutions and wanting to learn Golang, I decided to create my own solution.

LeGo Certhub is composed of two components. A Golang backend REST API and a React frontend. When running in the suggested configuration, the frontend is hosted by the backend and the only direct interaction needed with the API is clients fetching hosted keys and certificates. Clients using the keys and certificates fetch them via the REST API and some example scripts are available for reference.